Getting to know each other Immaculée and the bishop

Catholic Resources

  1. Catholic Mass Times
  2. Diocese of Rochester
  3. Catholic Courier
  4. Catholics Come Home
  5. Daily Reflection — United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This site has video and audio of the daily reading. It also has helpful links to prayer, worship, beliefs, and teaching, plus much more.
  6. Breviary — Office of Readings, Morning Prayers, Daytime Prayers, Evening Prayers, and Night Prayers.
  7. Pray the rosary with others or individually.
  8. Vatican News
  9. Vatican
  10. Pope app for Android — An app focused on the figure of the Pope. It will allow you to follow his events live and to set up alerts notifying you when papal events begin. It will also give you access to all official papal-related content in a variety of formats: news and official speeches, galleries with the latest images and videos, access to his calendar, and links to other services of the Holy See.
  11. Ipieta
  12. Rochester Catholic Mom’s Group
  13. Rochester Magnificat is a solidly Catholic ministry in Rochester. Magnificat is approved by the Diocese of Rochester, is born out of the Catholic charismatic renewal, and has been a focus for unity among women in the Church.
  14. Truth and Life provides a dramatized audio Bible New Testament is endorsed with an Imprimatur from the Vatican and includes a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI. Voiced by award winning internationally-renowed actors.
  15. Catholic Tv
  16. Salt + Light is dedicated to being — and helping others become — the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Utilizing the power and popularity of television, radio, internet, and other social communication media, the fruits of our work represent a powerful response to Pope John Paul II’s call to embrace technology to share the Gospel message and teachings of the Church. We are determined to bring light to our world through mass and modern media